Garden Projects for Kids

I recently had dinner with my sister and hatched a ‘brilliant’ plan.  My sister is a teacher and works in a childcare centre.  She was chatting to me about the potatoes she recently grew with the children and how excited they all were by the success.  I suggested that together we produce a book for gardening projects with kids.  I figured that with our combined skills we could create a very useful book. 

Anyway she was only tentatively interested.   She’s had a lot on her plate lately and I think she just saw it as more work.  However I have not given up on the idea and will continue to sell it to her.  Watch this space for updates!

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Florilegium Bookstore

Florilegium logo

Last weekend I spent a very enjoyable 3 hours in this bookstore. Florilegium is the kind of place that carries every conceivable garden book under the sun. And then there’s all the wonderful books you couldn’t conceive of but that someone else has!
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