Mum's epiphyllum

Today my mother emailed me photos of her epiphyllum in flower.  Hopefully you’ll agree with me that this particular variety is simply stunning. 


 Mum's epiphyllum 2

  What I also want to share is her comment that ‘its a shame each flower is so short lived but its still worth the wait’.  And she’s right.  The flowers are fleeting with a long wait before next year’s appear.  However, I do think therein lies the charm, not only of this plant, but of gardening itself.  Whilst there’s the immediate satisfaction of a new planting or completed gardening task its more about the potential of how things will look.  Its in the waiting and watching that the true pleasure of gardening develops.  Well at least that’s how it works for me.

PS A few days later she emailed me photos of her white epiphyllum which had come out.

Epiphyllum - white 1Epiphyllum - white 2

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